About the hotel

The story of our house –


My name is Nikola Panchev and I am the owner of HOTEL BOHEMA SPA., which we rule with my wife – Magdalena.

Dear future, present and old friends of BOHEMA Spa., in the next few rows I want to tell you the story of this heaven place, situated in the Rhodopes mountain, and more precisely on the “Dubrash” slope.


It starts in the old year 1971.Then the Bulgarian Social party decided to build a small holiday base. The project was for 6 rooms and 1 apartment, with a big restaurant intended for holidays of the locals. The building starts at 1973 and finishes at 1975.And this is the year of the opening of the object. Since then the whole complex has been reconstructed many times, from which it has now its present look. The hotel offers facilities like restaurant, Spa center, 3 outdoor mineral pools opened day-and-night, ping-pong table, bicycles, badminton playground, parking and indoor and outdoor playground for the smallest.

In 1994 my parents – Yavor and Violeta Panchevi found the deserted building of the ex-restaurant Kanina. Impressed from the place and the healing mineral waters, they decided that it will be their family business. In that time restaurant Kanina was owned by the Regional party committee of Ognyanovo. After an auction they bought the building with the place. National changes in our dear country made my father jobless, and my mother supported the family on her own. Despite all the difficulties of the destiny my father Yavor decided it is high time to deal with restaurant Kanina.

Restoring the building

In the year 2000 family Panchevi moved to live from the capital in Ognyanovo. At that time I Nikola was a graduating student and I was really impressed of my parents` idea. Loved it, I moved to live with them and together we started a reconstruction. My only brother Asen still stayed at Sofia, but used to come every weekend to work with me and my family.

And working altogether, using a small bank credit in the 2001 we had 6 rooms with separate WC, while before there was only one WC for the whole floor and a small pool. In 2003 we renewed the restaurant.

During the years my parents provided the management of the hotel to me, which we now manage with my wife – Magdalena.
In this period the hotel was renamed from “RELAX” to “BOHEMA” wished from my mother – Violeta.

Complete renovation, with extension and superstructure

During the years of unstoppable work and visitors, Hotel Bohema became one of the best vacation places in the village of Ognyanovo. And so on like a plant that continuously gives its flowers, we must provide it good conditions to grow bigger and bigger. With a big help from national developing program in 2013 we started a big project – a general reconstruction with a new part. After the finish hotel Bohema has now the modern stylish look, which we did with natural materials – wood and stone to be in harmony with the surrounding nature. Now the rooms came up from 12 to 20, a new Spa center, new kitchen with a huger restaurant, new reception and lobby, and new child playground, new reconstruction of the exterior in the north and south yard.

The opening was with a big wedding of our friends – Krasimira and Kiril.

From these years of continuous improving of the whole look of the hotel I want to share how proud I am, especially that You, my guests become a part of our family and our team and You go from here rested and full of positive energy as our FRIENDS!