About the water

Chemical analysis

Content and therapeutic effects of our mineral water
There are 24 thermal springs on the premises of Ognyanovo Mineral Baths. They are considered an incredibly rich hydromineral resource, due to their huge rate of flow and the specificity of their physicochemical content. Most of them are pellucid (very clean), colourless, odourless or with a subtle smell of hydrogen sulphide, not contaminated in any way, pollutants and bacteria free. Due to its origin, the water contains valuable minerals, important for various body functions. The Ognyanovo mineral water is sourced naturally, it does not require any treatment and remains totally unaltered and pure. It is thus suitable for both external therapeutic use (spa baths) and for being taken internally – the so-called drinking balneotherapy.
The mineral water, used in the HOTEL BOHEMA, comes from a natural thermal spring with a temperature of 42°C. Its most specific properties are:

  • Physicochemical content:
    –  Hyperthermal (with a temperature of 42°C)
    –  With a low mineral content (TDS – total dissolved solids: 240 mg/l)
    –  Fluoro-silicic (with metasilicic acid: 52.2mg/l and fluoride: 5.1mg/l)
    – Hydrocarbonate-sulfate-sodium (with a high content of calcium: 2.5mg/l)
  • The water has a strong alkaline reaction (pH – 8.9). It contains an insignificant quantity of hydrogen sulphide, mainly in the form of hydrosulphides (0.8 mg/l), which imparts a specific, subtle and quickly disappearing smell to it. The water contains also a trace of radon (0.7 nC/l).
  • The water’s high temperature makes it suitable for external therapeutic use – spa bath treatment of various clinical conditions and ailments.
  • The mineral analyses specify that it belongs to the group of nitric waters with an alkaline reaction, a low mineral content and presence of fluoride ions, which makes it suitable for both external and internal therapeutic use. The intake of the mineral water (drinking treatment) is highly recommended for the therapy of gastrointestinal disorders, bilious liver and renal-urological diseases.
  • This type of water (with a low mineral content and presence of fluoride ions) is also beneficial to people, suffering from occupational poisonings. The drinking balneotherapy is recognized by health practitioners worldwide as one of the most effective detoxifying methods, which successfully removes heavy metal and fat-stored toxins from the human body.
  • It also has an undeniably positive effect on people with occupational radiation exposure, removing the radionuclides from the human body.
  • The strong alkaline reaction of the water assists the treatment and rehabilitation of people, suffering from musculoskeletal system disorders.